Does microblading hurt?

This is probably the most asked question that I receive.

We all know, as women, we’re very strong but no one wants to go through pain. When I want to do something that will improve my appearance  (and feel better) I always tell to myself, “it will not hurt forever,” Although I want to have amazing results I also would love a pain free experience.

So to answer your question, “Does microblading hurt,”I have to say it depends on your body and how pain tolerant you are. Our body is way more sensitive before, during and after our menstrual cycle. You may feel more discomfort during this time.

I came across a great article in ELLE, that explains in detail about the procedure:

First Jade Moscrop, talks about microblading, and I agree with her that microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture. It’s so important to find THE best shape for your face that will enhance your face features. I have seen so many tattoo and microblade eyebrow shapes that often feels like the persons face was collected from different puzzles and sometimes it is impossible to correct this shape.

The difference between microblading and traditional tattoo is that when we implement the pigment into the skin and it is not in the deep layer of the skin, only epidermis, this allows the hair strokes to heal crispy and leave a natural look. It’s true that it’s not permanent, and I love that, because as we age our face changes, our skin changes, and I do not want to end up having one eyebrow higher than the other.  I think it’s very reasonable to have revisits and refresh color once a year to keep your eyebrows looking natural and fresh.

Jade is right, allergies are something that we cannot control; even though I do use organic pigments, that are made in Germany, with all required certification. there’s still a small chance of a reaction. There’s one thing I need you to know, you can not take blood thinners before the procedure.  When the blood is very thin, it is impossible to have no bleeding and very often when we have bleeding, eyebrows will turn gray.

Let’s talk what actually happens when you get your eyebrows microbladed!

We’ll design a shape that will compliment your face features together. Next step is to outline and apply topical numbing ointment. We have over 40 colors to choose your best color. Then I’ll begin the art process - gently implanting the pigments via featherweight strokes. Every hair stroke has a name and place in order to create the same natural looking eyebrows. Once the eyebrows are cleaned you can see your beautiful eyebrows.

The first time you see your amazing brows they will appear dark. This is because they’re fresh. (like your evening makeup) When they start healing, the first layer of the skin will come off and your eyebrows will look very light (almost as if nothing is there) that’s the normal healing process.  Once the skin heals you’ll be able to see the hair strokes comeback. You can pencil them in during this time, it will be very easy to do, because you will have a “template” of your perfect eyebrow design.

In 4-8 weeks there’s a revisit session that is very important to do so we can  fill in any gaps where the pigment hasn’t taken or healed properly.

We encourage you to revisit for touch ups to prevent the fading of your beautiful new look. Over time the color will fade.  Pigment longevity will depend on how often you’re in the sun, eat spicy food or drink alcohol.

The bottom line, microblading is an uncomfortable procedure rather than painful.  I agreed with Jade, it sounds worse than it hurts.

 Do you have additional questions about microblading?

PLUS: Whenever you’re ready….here are 4 ways I can help you look better and feel better:

1. Restoring eyebrows with Microblading.

The great thing about this technique is I can reconstruct any eyebrows, even if you have no eyebrows at all. Imagine for a moment the perfect eyebrows: that sexy, feminine arch… clean, well-defined edges… proper alignment with your eyes… an elegant taper toward the outside… just simple, elegant brows that enhance your beauty and compliment your face—the kind of brows that make you feel like a superstar!

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2. Try your new eyebrow shape with BH Brow Henna.

With Brow Henna I’m able to tint your brow hair and skin as well.  BH Henna has a tattoo effect. This product will last up to a week to three weeks on the skin and 6/8 weeks on the hair. If you have grey brow hair, it will be a great solution for you to have lasting results plus you won’t need to pencil them in for a long time.

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3. Make your lashes noticeable

Lash lift and tint are THE most popular treatment in Florida and they’re maintenance free. You’ll have nice dark lashes for upto 6/8 weeks.  It will give you a chance to see your lashes. If you decide to use mascara the results will be amazing without needing to curl your lashes. Your lashes will look amazing while your lashes grow.

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4. Virtual Appointment

Send your picture and we’ll design the perfect eyebrow design for you. This will give you an opportunity to see how eyebrows will improve your natural face features.

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