Ouch, bad eyebrows 🙁

This morning I got a text in our Tattoo removal group, where our instructor shared a story that she saw on Facebook and I just couldn’t resist not to share it with you! 
It’s a story about a lady who bought a Groupon for her eyebrow Microblading. 

Long story short, this poor lady had her eyebrows microbladed ,then fixed with another artist for $400 and then had to remove them!

Even though our tattoo removal system is way safer then what she did, I thought you would like to know and be very careful when you choose your eyebrow artist!

Make sure you check their certification, state tattoo artist license, and ask for lots of before and after! 
Look for the style and make sure you like how artist design shape, because eyebrows are so important, especially THE right shape, that will enhance your face features. 

Just by changing our eyebrows, we can take someone from looking average, to looking stunning. 

PLUS: Whenever you’re ready….here are 4 ways I can help you look better and feel better:

1. Restoring eyebrows with Microblading.

The great thing about this technique is I can reconstruct any eyebrows, even if you have no eyebrows at all. Imagine for a moment the perfect eyebrows: that sexy, feminine arch… clean, well-defined edges… proper alignment with your eyes… an elegant taper toward the outside… just simple, elegant brows that enhance your beauty and compliment your face—the kind of brows that make you feel like a superstar!

Check available dates here

2. Try your new eyebrow shape with BH Brow Henna.

With Brow Henna I’m able to tint your brow hair and skin as well.  BH Henna has a tattoo effect. This product will last upto a week to three weeks on the skin and 6/8 weeks on the hair. If you have grey brow hair, it will be a great solution for you to have lasting results plus you won’t need to pencil them in for a long time.

Check available dates here:

3. Make your lashes noticeable

Lash lift and tint are THE most popular treatment in Florida and they’re maintenance free. You’ll have nice dark lashes for upto 6/8 weeks.  It will give you a chance to see your lashes. If you decide to use mascara the results will be amazing without needing to curl your lashes. Your lashes will look amazing while your lashes grow.

Check available dates here:

4. Virtual Appointment

Send your picture and we’ll design the perfect eyebrow design for you. This will give you an opportunity to see how eyebrows will improve your natural face features.

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