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What are Powder Brows?

Powder Brows are a type of permanent makeup designed to help enhance the look of your eyebrows.
They’re a popular choice for those who want a natural-looking finish to their brows, as well as for those who don’t want to fill in their brows every day.
Powder Brows tend to last longer on the skin compared to other eyebrow techniques, making them a great option for those with oily skin.

The Technique

The Powder Brows technique involves creating a powdery, makeup-like appearance on your brows that look very natural.
The tails are usually made a bit darker, and the start of the brow is kept lighter for a more natural, tapered look.

Who Can Benefit from Powder Brows?

Powder Brows are suitable for a variety of brow concerns, whether you have thick brows that you want to enhance or if you have gaps in your brows.
It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to add fullness and definition to their brows.

Who Should Avoid Powder Brows?

People with sensitive or easily irritated skin or those who suffer from conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, and dermatitis should avoid Powder Brows.
Additionally, if you already have a dark eyebrow tattoo, you may need to consider tattoo removal instead of Powder Brows.
Or we can do a color correction to make them look more natural. 
I always say, good news, we can have natural eyebrows; it’s just a process..

Skin Types That Suit Powder Brows

All skin types can benefit from Powder Brows.

Important Considerations

Always choose a licensed and experienced technician to perform your Powder Brows.
Eyebrow mapping is critical to the success of the procedure, I took more than 74 trainings to understand face futures to make sure I can create THE best eyebrows that will make you look more attractive. 

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