Beautiful, magical
BH Brow Henna will give
your eyebrows expressive volume, gorgeous rich color.

Beautiful, magical
BH Brow Henna will give
your eyebrows expressive volume, gorgeous rich color.

The main difference between the brow tints and brow henna tints is that the Henna natural formula, 100% AMONIA, LEAD and PEROXIDE FREE, doesn't require a developer.  It processes with the protein in your hair, whereas the vegetable dyes  require hydrogen peroxide to develop the color. Natures alternative to tinting and cosmetic tattoo, creating a long lasting hair stain and make-up like finish on the skin.

The Henna Brow effect can last two to three times as long than the normal 'tint' and offers a superb range of colours & tones, allowing easy tailor made solution for each individual client. The brows will improve with every appointment, we will show this through your before & after photos taken at every visit.

The eyebrows play a HUGE role in how beautiful you look.  The power of the brows to enhance - or detract from -your natural beauty.  In fact, a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows can do more for your beauty than just about any cosmetics... even many expensive beauty treatments. 

With an amazing eye individual structure, Luba Winter has changed the way women and beauty insiders see and experience their brows.  Her unique sculpting technique has allowed her to create a brow that is full, natural and exquisite with shapes that empowers and defines with subtle, irreplaceable elegance.

Ultimate Eyebrow Makeover Includes:

  • 60 minutes of the one-on-one time with Luba.
  • Consultation regarding the ideal brow design for your unique face, restoration and shading advice. 
  • Customized brow design to draw out your natural beauty using BH Brow Henna product.
  • Coaching on what brow product to use.  How to select the right color  and how to apply them, some styling tips and a make-up tidy.
  • Allergy patch test appointment available 48 hours prior to this service.

Brow Henna

Imagine for a moment the perfect eyebrows: that sexy, feminine arch… clean, well-defined edges… proper alignment with your eyes… an elegant taper toward the outside… just simple, elegant brows that enhance your beauty and compliment your face—the kind of brows that make you feel like a superstar!


  • When your skin is irritated or with wounds in and around the eyebrows
  • If you are allergic or sensitive to hair and eyebrow paint
  • If you have ever had an allergy after applying a henna tattoo

The secret of henna


Brow Henna is a special formula based on natural ingredients, which allows you to color not only the hairs, but also the skin, and the best thing is you do not need to wait for hours to have desired little as 15/20 minutes you can have gorgeous eyebrows. With a wide palette of more then 6 shades you can achieve the right color for your look: blondes, redheads, brow-haired and brunettes.