Everyone wants a face that naturally glows, and a lot of that radiance has to do with your eyebrows.

Eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of the face by correcting minor flaws such as small eyes or eyes that are too far apart.

Your eyebrows, when properly shaped, will make your eyes look bolder and brighten your face in all the right places

However, except for a handful of lucky human beings all others require a monthly or weekly grooming session only for their eye brows.

Over the years eye brows have become an integral part of enhancing one’s beauty hence it has become absolutely necessary for one to trim, shape and fill in their brows to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

Brow shape is based on a few key factors: arch, length, and thickness. Whatever shape you decide should act as a nonsurgical facelift by detracting from your least favorite features and drawing attention to aspects of your face that you like the most.

Eyebrows Will Make You Look Younger

See someone with bushy, unshaped eye brows and then look at someone with full groomed eyebrows and try guessing their ages, you’ll surely end up calling the younger individual older because they haven’t plucked or trimmed their brows in ages.

Groomed eye brows are an anti-aging antidote that very few people know about. Perfectly plucked eyebrows that are filled in just right will lift up your face, make your eyes appear wider and make you look more youthful.

We often undermine the importance of well-kept eyebrows, because they don’t know how simply groomed eyebrows can create a polished look without even the slightest hint of makeup. On the contrary, eyebrows without regular maintenance look bushy and unkempt which obviously make one look older and very rough.

Shaping your brows is takes a  major skill: it’s kinda like an art and geometry combined because to find the perfect arch, it’s all about the angles and proportions of your face shape.

Here is the examples of the how face can change only by hanging eyebrows...

At Amazing Brows And Lashes we will design you eyebrows that will make you look younger and more attractive. 

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