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Ouch, bad eyebrows :(

Ouch, bad eyebrows 🙁 This morning I got a text in our Tattoo removal group, where our instructor shared a story that she saw on Facebook and I just couldn’t resist not to share it with you! It’s a story about a lady who bought a Groupon for her eyebrow Microblading.  Long story short, this poor lady […]

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Barbara Corcoran

How long will microblading last? Barbara Corcoran is my favorite lady on Shark Tank.I think because she is from a big family as I am and shares the same passion for business as I do 🙂 Of course family is very important to me and I’m forever thankful for a great family I have.  I love spending […]

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How long will microblading last?

How long will microblading last? Truth be told this is a hard question to answer, as we’re all unique and different and no two skin complexion’s are the same. 🙂 On average most clients get 18 + months out of their brows however some will need to come for a touch up to keep the hair […]

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