After performing more than 5000 brow treatments, we know that covering old tattoo is not always a best option, the old pigment will always last longer. Whether it's a wonky brow-job you thought you loved in the 90s or a poorly executed permanent makeup job you had done we can help you erase the mistakes of your past. 

We strive to craft a customized solution considering your skin type, eyebrow tattoo composition and desired results. We will chose a right treatment plan that ensures you the best results. As your treatment progresses, we consistently monitor how the tattoo responds so we can make adjustment to your treatment plan accordingly. We know each situation is unique and will work to ensure the best possible result for you. How many sessions you need is entirely dependent on the intensity of the pigment and the size of the tattoo, as well as your personal skin type. 


1 REMOVAL SESSION   $310  $155

Exclusive Product by Linda Paradis Group

The most powerful and effective tattoo removal product in the world which can be used on all the body.

TATTOO REMOOV TM is a unique method of ink extraction for cosmetic and body tattoo.

  • No Invasive 
  •  No Acid PH
  •  No Laser 
  •  No Scars


Linda Paradis developed a tattoo removal method, which guarantees great results without using laser or the micro-needling on the skin just by the concept of Square cartridge TR88RS, and a solution with basic PH 8.5 without causing any inflammation or scars on the skin.
This miracle solution to ink removal, is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removal, which can cause an indiscriminate damage to the surrounding skin tissue.


1 REMOVAL SESSION   $310  $155

With single treatment prices starting at only $155, the cost to make your ink invisible is one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to safely remove your tattoo in as few sessions as possible at a price you can afford.

How Many Sessions Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo?

Some tattoos take longer than others to remove. For small, faded tattoos, you may only need two treatments. For deeper, old tattoos, you may need more than ten treatments.

 Tattoo removal can take a lot of sessions to completely remove your ink. Removing a tattoo is MUCH more difficult than getting one. The ink sits deep within your skin and therefore requires high-quality technology, combined with time and patience, to effectively and safely remove your tattoo.

The fact that we have this technology at all is a miracle (let alone how affordable it is)!